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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Get These 4 Secret Keys To Having Flat Sexy Stomach


Are you feeling disgusted of looking at yourself in the mirror and all you see is fat? I know that you take pride in your appearance and yearn to show off how great your flat sexy stomach looks.  You cannot help but feel betrayed when you look at yourself in the mirror and realize you are not seeing the results of the latest diet or exercise routine.  The reflection staring back at you is an obese or overweight body.  That is not what you want for your life! You want a body to be proud of.   I do understand your frustration.  Most of us have traveled this path during our quest of a flat, sexy stomach.

The fact is that belly fat is a culmination of unhealthy eating habits, a lack of exercise and a sedentary work/home life style. Toss in the ingredients alcohol and chocolate and you have the recipe for stomach fat storage!  The result, yes you guessed it.  Flabby abs!

Here is the good news though. It doesn’t matter the level of your health and fitness program at the moment.  To compliment your cutting edge exercise program to accelerate fat burning, lose tummy fat and get a flat sexy stomach and you need to have the 4 secret keys!!

Here Are The Secret Keys

Key #1.  Parasites!  This may be the cause your body fails at working properly.  That's right, your gut and stomach are more than likely full of parasitic worms which are draining your nutrients and making in your whole system toxic.                                                                               

Solution: Get rid of them once and for all!  Get a natural parasite removal cleanse.                                                                                                                
Key#2.  Hormone imbalance!  Understand this key is critical with regards to weight loss - your hormones could be out of whack - Your body's fat storage system is completely, 100% controlled by hormones.    We are constantly exposed to thousands of chemical compounds and toxic substances, many of which can throw our hormone balancing system out of harmony.    

Solution: Find a natural, hormonal balancing method.   Increasing your levels of progesterone production in comparison to estrogen will also help you lose belly fat.                                                             

Key #3.  Eating Habits! Your regular eating habits may need improvement - The good news is, you don't have to cut out any of your favorite foods!  If your diet has the essential basics for good health, you can eat almost anything without it affecting your results! Eating well has a LOT to do with when you eat and how you eat and so much what you eat.

Solution: Eliminate eating the horrible junk foods.  Include green leafy vegetables- at least 3 different colors on your plate with each meal. Maintain a balance.  Don't over-eat, but don't under-eat either.                                                
Key #4.  Exercise! You could be doing the wrong exercises. You just need to do the right kinds of exercises. Stop doing useless tummy, abs, arm and bum exercises and learn how the professionals do it!

Solution: The simple truth is, just 15- 20  minutes of exercise about 2-3 times weekly is enough to tone your abs so that you have flat sexy stomach

Need more trips and tricks to get that desirable flat sexy stomach? 
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