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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Are You Still Fat And Unhealthy? - Check Your Fat Burning Workout Exercises

Many exercisers today still rely on long duration moderate paced    aerobic exercise as their primary fat burning exercise routine.  Recent studies have shown however, that this is a big, I mean big mistake.  In fact, you could say that the whole of past decades was one of the biggest mistakes in the health and fitness industry.  Why is this?  I hear you asking…
There are several reasons however let’s just focus on the two main issues here.  When doing a fat burning exercise routine at a moderate pace for extended periods of time (as in the typically recommended percent of your target heart rate), your body is burning fat during the exercise routine.  While this may sound good, it’s actually bad news   
Here is Why!                                                                                                        
During the fat burning exercise routine your brain signals your body to keep a certain amount of stored fat available for your next workout.  So while you may be burning some calories during this exercise, after the exercise is over, our body begins storing up some fat for the next fat burning exercise workout.   Ouch!  Not what we’re looking for in terms of maximum ability to burn fat fast.

The other big concern with moderately paced aerobic exercise performed several times per week is that it trains your body (heart, lungs, muscles, etc.) to become efficient.  Although this may sound good, what is actually happening is bad for long term health.  You are working only within your existing aerobic limits, without improving your aerobic capacity. 

Your aerobic capacity is what determines how your body responds in times of physical, emotional, and mental stress.  If you reduce your capacity for work, as you do in this type of exercise, you’re reducing your long term health, not to mention a poor chance of burning fat.
The good news is, you can reverse these effects.  Focus your fat burning exercises on high intensity resistance training, with workouts that last 15-20 minutes on average, and only have to be performed 2-3 times per week. 

These fat burning exercises will burn carbohydrates instead of fat.  Your body will be forced to use its fat stores to replenish the burned carbs over the next 24 hours, after the workout is done!  This type of fat burning exercise will increase your reserve capacity and ability to handle all types of stress, leading to lasting health and fitness...and 24/7 fat burning.  Nice!  However, to be effective the fat burning exercise must be performed correctly.  This means using sufficient intensity and keeping your rest periods between exercises and sets down to 60 seconds or less.  

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