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Saturday, October 30, 2010

1 Magical Substance That Allow You To Burn Fat Fast & Create Lasting Health

Recent experiment and research on the subject of nutrition,  health and fitness , have pin-pointed 2 magical substances that can have a dramatic effect on burning body fat and keeping it off.  These substances, in fact, have been around since the beginning of time.   I am surprised more people do not place more on value there importance.  What are these magical agents of fat burning wizardry?  I am glad you ask.  They are water and fiber

Everyone is aware of the importance of drinking water to keep healthy but we still do not drink enough.  Water is vital to maintaining a lean body and maximizing our efforts to burn fat fast..   After all, our bodies are about 65-70% water.  Oftentimes when we feel we are hungry, we are actually just dehydrated. Drinking the daily required 8 glasses of water will greatly reduce the urge to snack on unhealthy sugary foods and sugar laden soft drinks. 

Water is like the oil in the engines of our cars. It is a key element in almost every process the body goes through, from digestion to nutrient absorption. It also keeps your energy level up as it prevents dehydration.  The body can survive for much longer without food that it can without water                                    
If you are serious about burning body fat this is very important to understand…Dehydration will totally kill your chances to burn fat fast.  Since the body interprets dehydration as a state of shock, it shifts its focus on getting water and burning body fat for energy.
Tips And Tricks
Here are  2 little trick to help you burn even more calories.

1).Try and drink most if not all of your water in ice cold form.
Water typically tastes better ice cold.  Every time you drink an ounce of cold water, your body must burn about a calorie in the process of warming the water to your body temperature.  You can use this to your advantage to burn even more calories each day.  However a word of caution, keep your water intake  to no more than 100 ounces per day.  By doing just this one activity you will burn 100 calories and more fat!  How cool is that!.

2).Add  lemon to a glass of water?…Oh Sure!....This will add another key to fat loss as well as having a positive effects in helping to cleanse your liver.  …the body needs to be working efficiently if you want to burn fat fast…if your organs, especially the kidneys and liver,  are working together in high efficiency, you will find it easier to burn fat fast

So keeping yourself hydrated will keep your kidneys operating at a good clip, and your liver will be allowed to do its job of metabolizing stored fat for energy.

Enjoy these tips and tricks?  The Fat Burning Furnace has a lot more tips and tricks for you..  You can check it out here!


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