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Monday, November 1, 2010

5 Diets Truths That You Should Know About

It's overwhelming and confusing just trying to choose a weight loss system that works.  You’ve tried them all!  Powders... pills... potions...cook books…point system... exotic teas...bungee machines... ab zappers... Cardio DVDs...The list goes on and on.  You are still carrying around the extra weight and still craving the body that that is trimmed toned sexy and strong.
One big reason you still do not have the body you crave and truly deserve is because most of the information that you have heard about dieting to lose weight up till now is dead wrong. You are still overweight because the information you've been relying on is bad information.
So... let's set you straight ...
Here Is The Truth
1).The plain fact is fat is what you need to lose...not weight!  The weight you might actually lose on most fad diets, is mostly water...not fat.  This is not making you healthier...You are just getting dangerously dehydrated!

2).Going on a low carb diet robs your body of energy and will not make you lose fat in the long run.  Low fat diets are worst, piling on even more fat.  The only way to drop the fat is by eating the right foods... in the right amounts... and at the right time. Sounds complicated, I know... but it's really simple!
3).Cardio exercises can be long and boring...exercising four or even six times per week is the worst way to burn fat.  Here is a little secret, it is possible to burn five times the belly fat exercising just 45 minutes per week.  Not per day...Yes!  I did say per week. 
4).We have all seen the ads for those Celebrity-endorsed boxed food diets.  These diets are expensive and slow. You have to keep paying for months!  Plus... the ads skip over the part about you still having to buy your own vegetables!  That's hundred$ more each month!
5). Restrictive dieting (AKA starving oneself) is stupid and dangerous and doesn't really work!  Why go to bed hungry when there's a delicious way to “tickle your system” into burning fat all night long... while you sleep the night away? 

What do you need to do to finally look and feel healthy, sexy and in control?
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