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Saturday, November 13, 2010

2 REAL Fat Burning Secrets From the Kitchen Cabinet:

The kitchen cabinet would seem the most unlikely place to find help in your battle against losing weight.  You might be surprised to find that it is home to some of nature’s most powerful tools for helping in your quest to lose weight.  Let me introduce you to 2 natural "slimming secrets" that can immediately increase your calorie-burning rate.  This is the first and most critical step toward achieving a negative fat balance and fitting into your swimsuit properly.
 Here are the Secrets:

Secret #1:  GREEN TEA:                                           

 The key to sustained weight loss is to lose weight slowly so that you are burning fat and not muscle. Research has shown that using green tea in weight loss promotes the burning of fat so that your muscles can stay strong. Another factor to consider is that you do not want water loss from your body. If you do that it will simply return the minute you stop the diet and exercise. That is why so much emphasis is placed on having an effective fat burning workout program in place.


--Research has shown that using green tea in our weight loss program can be very effective in our quest to lose fat.     

--It helps your body to regulate its blood sugar levels which then helps to reduce those food cravings that everyone gets while dieting.

--Green tea will help to boost your metabolism making it easier for your body to burn fat             

--Helps to prevent your body from absorbing fat from the foods you are eating.
Secret #2: CINNAMON

Cinnamon often serves as a flavorful addition to carbohydrate-rich meals. How great is it, then, to learn that it may help “push” more of those carbohydrates into lean muscle and away from fat cells.   Most of the carbohydrate calories you eat are eventually converted into glucose or blood sugar.  The hormone insulin helps direct glucose into your body’s cells, including muscle cells. The more sensitive your muscle cells are to insulin, the more efficiently they can scoop up glucose and store it for later use, such as providing your muscles with energy during exercise. All other things held constant, this leaves less glucose available for your fat cells, which might otherwise use it to make body fat.


Of the many plants studied to date, cinnamon has been reported to be among the most powerful in terms of its ability to enhance insulin sensitivity and keep blood glucose levels in check. When added to a carbohydrate-rich meal, it reduces the rise in blood glucose normally experienced afterward.  While the effects on insulin sensitivity may take a couple of weeks to manifest, the improvements in blood glucose control appear virtually immediately.

Complement Your Fat Burning Workout Routine

Purchase from the health food store
1 teaspoon raw honey
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon(no sugar added)
Combine  honey and cinnamon powder with 1cup water and bring to boil.
Cool mixture for several minutes
Separate in two equal servings
Take one serving 1/2 hour before breakfast
Take the second portion before going to bed at nights
If you follow up with an effective fat burning workout routine drinking  adequate amount of water(8 glasses recommended) and watch the fat roll away .

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