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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Part 1 - “The Reason You Should Say No!” To Fat Burning Diets

All fad diets have one thing in common.  They’re diets.  They cannot weather the storm and after a couple a years they are gone.  When the fitness professionals think we are ready to eat them up again….no pun intended… they return riding a new wave.  If you are serious about burning fat, you really should avoid these things like the plague.
Realistically many of these diets will provide some initial weight loss and fat loss but you could also lose some muscles.  Losing muscles can spell disaster to your fat burning effort however that is not the biggest problem.  The biggest problem with these diets is that most people who follow outlandish diets gain back the fat they have lost, and then some! 

The Reasons Most Diets Fail

Too much focus is placed on one type of food, which can lead to unhealthy eating habits.
Diets are no fun and too strict to be realistically followed.  Any diet that cannot be followed as a lifestyle will not burn fat in the long run.

People who are regular dieters don't burn fat over the long haul.
Diets are temporary mindset.  Once the motivation to stay on the diet is gone not only do you regain the weight you lost but you also gain a few pound more. 
The Solution                                          

Your body naturally craves foods rich in nutrients (antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc.)  When you eat most of your meals from foods rich in these important nutrients, your body will be satisfied and overeating won’t be much of a problem.  Most importantly by promoting a natural alkaline environment in your body you will be lowering your risk for contracting diseases.  So, if your aim is to get a life-long fat burning health and fitness in a lean body, incorporate your weight loss plan with a fat burning workout system to embrace long lasting results.

Useful Tips

Always have a daily balanced offering from the different food groups.  Incorporate servings of fiber and vegetables in your diet especially the green leafy vegetables.                                     

Limit sugary stuff and other junk.  You do not have to totally eliminate it just make it a special treat occasionally.                                    

Remember the importance water plays in burning fat-rule of thumb 8 glasses daily.
You then begin to burn fat as a natural result of giving your body what it thrives on. 

Focus on foods rich in nutrients.  Part two of this article, there will be more specific in helping you make the transition from your current lifestyle to the one you desire.  One where your body seemingly burns fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with little effort.

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