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Sunday, November 21, 2010

How Do You Measure Your Fat Loss Progress?

Do you know how to properly judge your fat loss or fat burning workout progress from a particular exercise or nutrition regimen?  If you are not playing this game you are probably not going to be very successful.  It’s just like in sports…it is the score that determines who wins the game.  In our fat loss and fitness efforts, you want to know your body’s score to determine if you are winning the game.  So, how can I get the score?

Instinctively many dieters watch the scale carefully when measuring if they did or did not burn fat.  Although the scale is a useful tool, far too many people stop doing the right things (like proper weight training) just because the scale says they have gained a pound or two

Why Not To Use A Scale

1).Your body will sometimes fluctuate by a few pounds daily.  This does not mean that you have gained weight or burned fat.  If the scale is the tool you are using to measure in this instance you will get an incorrect score.

2). It is a fact that muscles weigh more than fat.  By adding lean muscle to your body your weight increases.  Assuming you are not gaining fat weight, this is a good thing.  Always keep in mind it is not about weight loss but fat loss.  Can you see why using a scale will give you the wrong results? 

3).More muscle means more calories devoted to building that muscle and keeping it alive.  Resultantly your metabolism will become faster and more efficient at burning fat.  Watch as that number on the scale drops.                                                                                                                                 
Measuring Progress
The body fat percentage is how much of your total weight is made up of body fat.  This is the best indicator for measuring progress.   For most men it is within the 12-15% range and most women will be satisfied with a fat percentage of around 16-20.  
Measuring Tools                                                                                                                                                                                    
1). A skin caliper or any other comparable measurement devise to help keep track of your relative body fat percentage is recommended.  If this measurement is going down, congratulations!  You are on the right tract.  Just keep doing what you are doing, and do not even look at that scale!

2).Another tool to judge your fat loss progress is the mirror in your bathroom.  This may sound simple, but use the mirror to judge your fat loss and muscle gain.   You will be motivated and confident seeing your body change right before your eyes.  When combining the liberal use of your scale with keeping tabs on your body fat percentage your mirror will provide all you will need to judge your progress.                                                                                                       

3).Creating realistic expectations for your new body is an important aspect of judging your fat loss progress.  We all have our own inherited physical characteristics.  Some of us carry more fat cells in our hips and thighs while others have more muscle fibers in legs and arms.   Just liberate yourself from the chains of your genetic makeup.  Embrace the thought that you have the power to reshape and transform your physical attributes. 

With the right combination of knowledge and proper habits you can burn fat fast.  You can make such improvements in your body that almost everyone you know will go wow!  More importantly, you’ll feel great knowing you’ve done all you can to live the rest of your life with the body you’re truly capable of.  This is such an awesome and empowering feeling.
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